Raj Horizon

It is said that when you set your sight on horizon …. You witness a new dawn, a new beginning. Horizon offers us space to place new steps of change…. Change to a better tomorrow where all our dreams are accomplished.

Foremost dream of an urbane populace is a house where dreams & life are nurtured. Today’s houses apart from providing bare basic have to be comfortable, luxurious and well planned. To fulfill all your dreams Raj Realty Ltd presents you RAJ HORIZON.

Raj Realty emphasizes on providing its buyers with optimum lifestyle and grandeur living to alter the standards which are already pre defined.

Raj Horizon redefines luxury and is centered to give the most solace and majestic living.

At Raj Horizon we not only take care of all your necessities but go a step beyond to accommodate your dreams. Reaching your desires is a high rise 14 storey tall. An edifice so perfectly designed that it leaves an impact of your life style on others.

Raj realty believes homes are assets and should be relished by the generations to come. Raj horizon is a step by Raj Realty Ltd in that direction. Raj horizon will be treated as a landmark in its locality and will be treated as a residential marvel in the years to come. We intend to provide our buyers with spacious homes which ca provide them with the coziness of fable paradises. Raj horizon has homes located at imminent vicinities, close to all the amenities yet comfortable and very exclusive.

Raj horizon has homes that are pollution free, clean and luxurious. Homes that inspire living!


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Raj Realty

B/29, 8&9, Dreamland C.H.S. Ltd.,
Sector-11, Shanti Nagar,
Mira Road(E), Thane 401 107.

Tel: 022-2855 4700 / 01

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